Behaviour request: display fps

  • I would like to see a behaviour that would display the fos without debug options.

  • Admin

    May I ask why? What's the use case here?

  • @Murtaza I don't know what @DGames135 wants it for, but I would like some way to see fps in play mode when not playing from the editor because playing from the editor seems to cause more lag. For me an option in the pause menu would be fine though.

  • Admin

    Your game shouldn't really be running any slower when running from the editor. Although parts of the editor are kept in memory, they're not actually running. So It won't affect performance. If you're using really large images (which is bad any ways!) you may cause a crash due to using up all the memory. But your FPS shouldn't change at all.

    By pause menu do you mean the hyperPad menu that quits and goes back to the editor/hub?

    Pause menu is an overlay/something you should create on your own.

    Other than seeing the performance of a hub game, or a game not launched from editor, I don't really see the purpose of having a behaviour to show fps.

  • There is multiple ways to measure the FPS, ranging from every frame adding one to a counter, then every second updating a label, to moving an object, and getting its position.

    No, it's not the same, but it works nonetheless.

  • Admin

    Behaviours don't work on frames, they work on cpu cycles. So you won't get FPS that way. I don't think there is any way to get FPS with our current behaviours. But I could be wrong.

  • @Murtaza there is definitely a difference in performance in some projects, I'm not sure what it is caused by though, it doesn't happen in some others. I did mean the hyperPad menu button, and I don't need a behaviour, just some way to see fps while not editing but it's not that important to me... Lagometers worked by adding to a value on a timer 0 seconds and then getting that value every second and dividing 1 by it and resetting, but I don't think this was a direct measure of fps...

  • @Murtaza I was going off of the fact that it seems like your behaviors are run, then the screen updated, then repeat.

    Not sure how that would work otherwise, but that's a different story for a different day,

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