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    You may have noticed a couple changes in the hub.
    We've made 2 visual changes and a bunch of changes behind the scenes.

    1. There are now "Share Links" within each project. This makes it even easier for you to share a hyperPad project to your favourite social media sites. You can share your own project, or a project made by someone else. This will link people directly to that projects page on the hub.

    2. Hot ranking algorithm has been improved. We finally updated the hot algorithm to something that is a bit more dynamic. Thot "Hot" section is updated every half hour, but this still requires community involvement. Make sure you like projects you think are good, and dislike the ones that you didn't enjoy. If no one is disliking projects (or liking projects that deserve it) then this system just doesn't work that great!

    We're always updating and changing the hub. So keep an eye out for improvements :).

  • If you can put Social media links in hub why can't you make behaviours for the social media son the hub

  • @Murtaza how does the hot list work?

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    @Wazk-Gaming-and-Technology said in Hub Updates:

    If you can put Social media links in hub why can't you make behaviours for the social media son the hub

    Well to start, the hub and the app work completely differently. So they can't be really compared. But I'm not too sure what you mean any ways. We do have behaviours to post on facebook. It doesn't fill out the information directly since those are not actually sharing to facebook, rather posting on your behalf which works differently.

    @GameCRAZY said in Hub Updates:

    @Murtaza how does the hot list work?

    With out getting into too much details, the hot list takes likes, dislikes, comments, plays, and time into consideration. The more a project is played,liked, and commented, the hotter it is. This list is updated every half hour. So if you see a very active project, it'll most likely end up in the hot.

  • @Murtaza I'm not saying that these projects are bad, but this school likes to upload these different projects in huge waves. If I remember correctly, they're the 3rd heat in the hot projects. This doesn't make much sense - just my thinking.

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    Then dislike them. If you dislike them they will go away.
    Like I said, the hot system relies on the community. The only way it will work is if you like and dislike projects.

  • @Murtaza did you change the "new projects" section as well? When you update a project, shoudln't it still appear above other projects? Because the first wave of the "new projects" has seemed out of order the past few days...

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    The new section has a small bug introduced with the last update. On the list to fix.

  • Isn't the Hub a website though, so can't it be fixed without a hyperPad update? Either everyone has gotten really inactive in hyperPad or the New section isn't showing anyones new games.

  • Admin

    Yup the hub can be updated with out updating the app.
    We've actually fixed the bug with the new section but haven't made it live yet since we have another (behind the scenes) change that's holding it up.

    The hub has been about inactive for the past few days though. :(

  • So the Hub is inactive not because of broken New section but because all the users are inactive at the moment?

  • Admin

    Mix of both. There have been some new projects, over the past few days.

  • Time for a new challenge? :P

  • Admin

    @Jack8680 I think so :)

  • @Murtaza you should make a "single asset" challenge. Then, the user has to use one object (for example an empty object) to create everything for a game.

    You should also make a formula or generator type challenge where the user has to come up with a randomly generated game or use some special type of formula to save progress or carry out a function, etc.

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    I'm thinking of doing a "tutorial" challenge. Something to help the community and new HyperPad users.

    Maybe create a small game/concept and a tutorial to go with it?

  • @Murtaza that would be cool. Could users submit and improve upon earlier projects, originally not made for the challenge?

  • Admin

    @GameCRAZY that wouldn't be fair.
    But I could see you recreating part of your game and doing a tutorial on it.

    Though I'm still working out the details and rules. Maybe something in the next few weeks :)

  • @Murtaza ooh, tutorial challenge would be a cool idea, maybe could be useful in classrooms too.

  • I think I like more the one asset challenge. You never know what people come out with.

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