Feature Request: Getters for all Setters

  • Set Bounce, Set Friction are two jumping out at me, right now.

    I could really use a "Get Friction" for debugging, right about now. I don't know where/how I'm setting it, or to what.

    But, other than that, in general, I think all getters and setters should be merged into single blocks, with a switch, that determines whether they're a getter or setter.

    So there's behaviours:

    Get/Set Friction
    Get/Set Bounce
    Get/Set Mass


    And the user taps the switch to make each block either a getter or setter.

    Less blocks good, I say.

    Similarly, while I'm on the subject of minimisation:
    Arithmetic can be one block with a pair of inputs and an operator in the middle, to be chosen from add, subtract, multiply, divide, square and exponent.

    Further, right below the pair and operator can be an option to add another operator and another input, ad infinitum.

    I like spreadsheets, too.

  • I've decided the only thing needed is a single block for ALL getters and setters.


    The first field is the entity that's going to be gotten from or set to.

    The next field(s) are where the user picks what to get and/or set.

    Simple. Universal. Elegant. Easily understood and articulated, incredibly powerful, yet elegant.

    Time for a beer.

  • @Deeeds Kinda like how they have only the 1 behaviour for all trig functions? (Math function)

  • @Aidan-Oxley Yes, and all math functions should have their own little box, too.

    No need for different ones for



    Put them in all in a single "Calculate" box, and enable the user to pick the operator in between values, and then let them add more operators and values as they require.

  • @Deeeds I think this could be useful. The amount of times I’ve made a huge amount of maths logic, just to realise that one box is addition rather than subtraction by mistake. Have to disconnect all the behaviours, delete the addition, replace it with subtraction then connect it all back up. To be able to just go and change a sign between two values would be awesome.

  • Admin

    The getters/setters is actually a planned change. Also same with the math functions! We want to have a "calculator" type behaviour that can handle all the calculations in a single place.

  • @Murtaza Can you add "Observers" to this planning?

    By this I mean having things that observe changes to a property.

    There's two modes of operation for an observer for ideal use and design:

    willSet (knows it's about to change so does something with the existing value and considers how to use the incoming value)

    didSet (knows the value has changed and has access to both the prior value and new value to do as it pleases)

    These are incredibly simple activation switches for objects, and absolutely ideal for game design and production conceptualisation. Saves on messaging, too, enormously.

  • Admin

    @Deeeds Maybe. This is a pretty hefty request because we have a lot of behaviours with many different properties to watch. For now I would maybe create your own observers using broadcast and receive, broadcasting whenever you change the property.

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