Links and Resources to use with hyperPad

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    I'll be updating this list with user suggestions. So if you have a site that has resources that that you think will work well with hyperPad then post it here. Please include name, link, description of what can be found, and price if applicable.


    • OpenGameArt: Great site with a lot of free artwork to use. Various licenses, so make sure you're allowed to use them for your purposes.

    • a store with over 150,000 desktop and web font products. Depending on how you plan to use the font, some are available for free. (Embedding the font into an app tends to be pricier than using it in a graphic…)

    Sound & Music:

    • a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

    • Incompetech: Lots of free Royalty Free music that you can use for your projects

    • Free Music Archive: As the title says. Free music to use in your projects.


    • Reddit/R/GameDev: It's a reddit community dedicated to game development. Lots of great discussions, and information there. Great place to get feedback on a project, or ask questions, and learn about other parts of game development

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    For software please add them to the tools sticky. Nice additions though!

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