Move To Point: Duplication is broken

  • If a Move To Point uses inputs from other getters as its setters, and this Move To Point is duplicated, and then the object it influences changed, everything looks the way it should.

    However, the moment "Play" is pressed, the setters are lost, and it resorts to arbitrary literal coordinates (centre of screen) in the setting locations, loosing the previous settings.

    This is very peculiar, and quite hard to track because the duplicate shows itself to be correct the first time you look at it, it's only when you go back after playing and look at it that it's revealed it's lost its getters.

  • @Deeeds There’s a thing with move to point or move to object, where if you select an object with it, all previous values (except the duration) will be changed, usually to that object’s own coordinates. It can be pretty annoying, but other times it’s useful.


  • @Deeeds it can be annoying sometimes, but like @Aidan-Oxley said, it can be useful for some things. Maybe there should be a setting to turn it off.

  • Admin

    I'm not sure I'm following here exactly. It could be that it's almost 3:30AM, but I'm not quite sure what exactly the issue is.

    I think you're saying the X and Y input fields for move to point reset to default when you press play?
    If so, that's a bug.

    The input fields should be what you manually enter, or visually select by moving the blue target when selecting ObjectA/B in the behaviour.

  • @Murtaza When you select an object in the Move behaviours (e.g move to point), the X and Y values are set to the position of the object you selected. Deeeds finds this annoying because they’re trying to duplicate the behaviour and select a new object with it while keeping the X and Y values in the behaviour the same.

  • Admin

    Ahh I see. So, so you want a way to keep the existing x and y coordinates even though you select a new object.

    Hmm, it's definitely possible on a technical side. I just need to figure out how the UI and usability would work. At one point we wanted to separate selecting an object and visually selecting the position. But couldn't figure out a good UI paradigm for this.

    Need to find a way to make this optional as well for when you do want the positions to change when an object is selected.

    Just brain storming as I'm typing this.
    But a button that says select position. That lets you move the target only.
    Then if/when you change object A/B, it will prompt asking if you also want to change the manually entered coordinates. Yes reverts to 0,0 of the object No would maintain your change.

    Does this sound like something that would work?

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