Bullets Incomplete

  • Bullets have physics, but there's no way to set their physics body shape and fit, they can only be chosen as graphics from the "library", not from objects in the scene already outfitted with custom physics.

    Bullet graphics have no colour or blend settings

    Bullets have no scale facility

    Bullets have no post firing rotating (think of all those spinning weapons, especially boomerangs, but also anything else that rotates)

    Bullets have no sprite sheet functionality for animated bullets (lightning bolts, glows, sparkles etc)

    Bullets need their own unique air resistance setting, as they're often going to be required to have far less resistance than other objects in a scene. And there's very interesting effects possible with far higher values than the scene has. Like rings of effects that can't be done with Particles because they don't have values between 0 and 1 for emitter duration and lifespan.



    Hit by Bullet Behaviour doesn't identify or locate where the hit occurred on the target body.

    Bullets need report WHERE they hit something so the blood has a place to spurt from, etc.



    Bullets definitely need a unique gravity setting, so they can arc nicely , rather than brutally like lead characters and enemies do. Changing their mass does not influence their flight arc. Consider an arrow, in games we don't shoot them at "real world" equivalent speeds, we generally shoot them much slower so they can be seen and experienced, dodged a little, etc. With the same gravity as the world, they arc brutally towards the ground with none of the beauty of an arrow's arc.

    Simplest solution: Give bullets their own air resistance and gravity settings, just as they have their own bounciness, friction and mass.


    Additionally useful:

    Destroy All Bullets Feature - ie super bomb, a feature of arcade games since Defender

    Bullets Die on Collide is too all encompassing. Better as a choice of: Bounces of these things... dies on these things, dies on hitting an enemy/target

    Further to this, it appears you've begun considering this functionality, as you have "Ignore Bullet", in which there's this classical description disaster:

    "This behaviour makes bullets pass through the specified object"
    Example: You can use this behaviour to make a shield by making the shield ignore bullets from the player.

    Ok... but the purpose of most shields is to bounce the incoming projectile off of it.

    You might want to think of a better example than something that blends "pass through" and "shield". Like a "temporary invulnerability power-up" is a great use of this behaviour.

  • @Deeeds Hehe, because of bullets not saying where they collide and no custom physics shape etc, I ended up using actual objects as my bullets in one game.

  • Here's a better idea - remove the shoot behaviors entirely. They're way too limited compared to being able to create custom "guns" (shooters) and bullets using spawn and tags.

  • @Thecheater887 You'll love SpriteKit.

    Dream it... then build it... through every painstaking detail.

    The engine that's a framework. And that's about it.

    I like buttons.

    Still looking for the one that says "Make game & Play".

  • Admin

    @Thecheater887 said in Bullets Incomplete:

    Here's a better idea - remove the shoot behaviors entirely. They're way too limited compared to being able to create custom "guns" (shooters) and bullets using spawn and tags.

    The shoot behaviours are there for beginners or those needing simple basic shooter elements.
    You're completely free to create your own shooting logic.

    That being said our shoot definitely could use some updating :).

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