1.16 BUG: Change graphic to animation crash

  • When using "set graphic" to change the graphic to an imported animation, hyperPad crashes on executing that particular set graphic.

    On a side note, can't figure out how to properly edit or use imported animations properly, either.

  • Admin

    When you say using set graphic to change to an imported animation, what do you mean exactly?
    Set graphic doesn't do animations. You can switch to a frame of an animation. Shouldn't be able to select an actual animation cycle.

    What are you confused about regarding using and importing animations? Happy to help if you have a specific question in mind.
    Have you seen the "Importing and Using animations" article in our documentation?
    Animations have been updated slightly, but that article should still be relevant.
    There is also "Importing Assets" and "Supported Asset Types" which are worth checking out.

  • When using "flash" as image B, hyperPad crashes. Two frame animation. Image A is "original".
    Only one image is displaying unfortunately.

    Sorry about the second part, I just didn't dig deep enough 😅

  • Admin

    @Thecheater887 can you upload your graphic?
    This doesn't crash for me.

  • Yea, I can't seme to replicate the crash either, even using the setup I was before.

    Best I can do now is when drag and dropping a graphic, it shows three frames organized like a sprite sheet instead of just the default non animated version like it should.

  • Admin

    Did you create the sprite sheet outside of hyperPad and use drop box to import it? Or did you import the animation through hyperPad frame by frame?

    If you created it out side of hyperPad, then it sounds like you made the sprite sheet wrong.

    Once again, I need the steps to recreate this (including how you imported), and possibly the asset as well.

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