Feature Request: For Each Object OnScreen

  • Just as the title says, an iterator of the objects currently visible.

    Not much use for single screen games, but anything using a "camera" benefits.

  • I agree, it’d be really good for making your game more optimised by only updating objects visible on screen.

  • While it would make things easier, you know you can do this already? It involves a bit more than just an option on a behaviour though.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Almost every single time you come with the same approach.

    Yes, I know a lot of things I suggest can already be done. Some with the most massive work arounds imaginable, others rather more simply.

    It's not the point of these requests, and I didn't think it necessary to point out the obvious:

    -- much of my suggestions are for easier, more abstracted, less code, simpler, intuitive, painless features that game engines can benefit from and those making games can enjoy. They're empowering simplifiers, some of them.

    In this case... it's much more important to do lower. It's far faster if this is an operation done at a lower level within cocos2D than if it's done with a blend of positional detection and tagging/state/attribute changes in hyperPad.

    That should also be obvious.

  • @Deeeds Was just making sure you knew.

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