Debug Helper Update

  • I don't know if it's feasible or not, but I would like to suggest that there be a debug helper implemented.

    How it would work, is on all behaviors, there would be a toggle called "Debug this Behavior". While this toggle is marked, and the project is being played in the editor, when a behavior with this toggle is reached, the game will pause, and a menu will pop up displaying the current behavior, what object it is running in, the behaviors just before and just after it, and all the box container names and values. The debug menu will also replace the option "Resume" option with "Continue Debugging" while paused in this method. This will delete the menu from the screen, and, well, continue.

    Just a (hopefully helpful) vision I had.

  • Admin

    We have something like this in mind.
    It'll be later though. Probably closer to 2.0

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