There should be a "when score reaches" tab

  • You realize how much the would help people make a save system? Let's say every time you finish a level your global score is added 1 and the score before it was "10" so now it's 11, the. Make it so "if score reaches "11" save score and then when you quit and rejoin and it's at 11 it will know that you are now at 11! Or if you have 13 coins and it will read "if score is "13" add to score -13

  • @colymoly Couldn’t you do this?:

  • How would I read it when a score is at a certain amount. Such at "when score reaches "1" apply force "x"

  • @colymoly Do you know much about "conditionals"?

  • Admin

    Have you seen this?

    You can output the score to an IF. then the IF behaviour will check if it reaches your desired score.

    That being said,

    The Add To Score behaviour has all of this built in. It will trigger an event when your score reaches a specified number.

    So, on the add to score properties there is a field that says "Event when score reaches".
    Make that 11.
    Then connect a Save behaviour to that.
    And it will save when the score reaches 11.

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