Scene copy and merge from one project to another

  • Is there a way to make Hyperpad share specific scenes of a project and merge it with another to allow collaborative authorship of a game or instructional material? Please consider adding this feature so that more people especially teachers and non-programmers can enjoy discovering what they can do with hyperpad together with others. Also, it can make game development for beginners (like me) much easier and not instantly overwhelming since others can help me work on other aspects of the game and we can just combine what we did separately later. Thanks.

  • @aries29 yes, this would be really awsome!

  • @itap-development
    Thanks for the supportive approval of my suggestion!😊

  • @aries29 😄

  • This would be absolutely amazing for collaboration projects. As it is right now, all you can do is have only one person work on a project in the editor at a time, then email back and forth.

  • @aidan-oxley But once the file reaches about north of 100mb, emailing that and doenloading it on the other end becomes a painful experience compared to simply sharing the scenes needed. Wish hamed and murtaza can see this...and wirk on this ability soon. Especially now that my research will put hyperpad before thousands of educators here in our university, I'm pretty sure they will gain additional subscribers who would love to have this feature.

  • Being able to take a scene from one project and putting it into a different one is definitly needed. This would definitly be handy for people who share examples on the hub (e.g. snap to grid, scrolling etc) way easier and faster to implement into your project without having to manually recreate everything from scratch.

  • I think being able to share a set a behaviors would also be really good too.

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