Health Bar Glitch

  • So I’m using a health bar to represent the status of something in my game, and you can change the value of the health bar by tapping a minus and plus sign that I added. Minus will decrease it by 20% and plus will increase by 20%. However, for some reason when the health bar is at 0 and I tap somewhere on the screen, it goes up to 20. This doesn’t happen any other time, just when it’s empty. Is this a glitch or is there something I’m missing?

  • Admin

    I would check your behaviours where you're doing the tapping.

    This doesn't sound like a bug with hyperPad because the health bar does no handle taps or touches in any way. So either the bug is caused elsewhere, or it is a behaviour logic issue.

  • LOL it’s ok now, I fixed it. Not the actual glitch itself, but I just put a started touching behaviour on the background and that worked. Still don’t know why it was doing that, it was odd.

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