• The sample projects can be found here:

    They are good, but minimal. Currently, I am working to design a Hyperpad-specific example RPG. This will not take long at all.

    I am willing to make more example projects, overtime, but I think others should contribute as well. Please include lots of comments, new concepts, and interesting mechanics. Then, these can all be added to the list of example projects users can start with. And we can all work to help build this Hyperpad community and grow it as well. This is so valuable because if we want to get places with Hyperpad, we have to work to make this a possibility. It will not happen by itself.

    I encourage all of you to use this thread to link example projects. Whether they can be found through links or on the hub, link them here for @Murtaza and @Hamed to work with.

    Other ways to contribute:

    1. Submit documents that can be added to the Hyperpad manual (at
    2. Write about your own experiences and create your own tutorials.
    3. Work to make your own experiences into successes, and redirect users to Hyperpad.

    Make this thread something that we can all be proud of.

    Eventually, Hyperpad sample projects could be grouped into genres, and expanded to benefit new users. Let @Murtaza and @Hamed work on the software and make decisions, and we can work to elevate the community and welcome others to create with our favorite engine.

    Let's do this!

  • The RPG is done, and it is nothing grand, but it should definitely be very welcoming for any new users.

    Now, we need some arcade games. I will provide one. Hopefully, some of you can help provide more.

  • Admin

    This is a great idea. We'll take all the help we can get :)

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