Can you accomplish an "infinite swipe feed"?

  • I'm working on a prototype that requires an "infinite swipe", much like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
    I was wondering if something like that would be possible.
    If it is possible, could you send the behaviours to do it in the comments here


  • Once you get scrolling and loading the feed down, it’s simply a matter of having an empty object at the bottom of the feed, that when hits the screen edge, loads, say, 5 more objects into the feed, then moves down by say, 100 on the Y axis.

    Optionally, if you’re loading over 250 objects, you may have it destroy the oldest of the batch when you load new ones.

    The behaviors that you’ll need to achieve this are
    “Box container”
    “Set Input Value”
    “Move By”
    “Hit Screen Edge”

  • @cyber_death Yep it's possible, I just made one. Here's a link to my example project:

  • @aidan-oxley Is it just for me, or is the scrolling a bit jittery?

  • @kamdroid I think it is a little jittery, not really sure why.

  • @aidan-oxley it doesn’t even do anything for me... all I can do is add labels.

  • @itap-development Oops, forgot to say you need to add them until they go outside the screen, then you can scroll.

  • @aidan-oxley oh ok, I should have tried that lol

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