My Suggestions For HyperPad.

  • Reasonable:
    +Easier Online Service
    +HyperPad rentable servers
    +More Webview options
    +Export Scenes (to to another project or another person or for future asset store)

    Long Term:
    +Computer Hyper Pad to edit game and have live test on device.
    +Plugins. (Other ad services, Game Center, Premade online services, and Bluetooth devices and these can be programmed by other people)

    When I write these I focus on HyperPad being a engine that anyone can pick up and use and developers are not afraid to use HyperPad to its full potential.

  • Money, money, money

  • Admin

    I think an easier online service + rentable servers go hand in hand. But they are further in the future, not really something we want to focus on right now. Not enough demand.

    In general online is really complicated, creating single player experiences is difficult as it is. And I don't mean this as a tool, or technology sense. Just in general. Once more people are venturing off into that side of things we'll focus more energy and resources there.
    For example, over the past year or so users have really started pushing the boundaries of our behaviour system. So we've been adding more "power features".

    We'll do the same with multiplayer. For now we put out the bare bones, where it's enough for people who really know what they're doing. Once the rest of the community catches up, we'll focus on simplyfing that experience.

    Also, for rentable servers there are so many better options than anything we could provide. Google, amazon, and microsoft all offer free solutions and really affordable options as well. Then there is Heroku, it's super hassle free, very little effort to get a server up and running.
    There is no reason to focus on this right now when there are so many options that are just better than what we can whip up (with out committing to it 100%)

    What do you mean by more web view options?

    Export scenes: Something we want to do... Soon. It's definitely needed. We want to make it sow you can share scenes, objects, behaviours etc. But to do it right it requires some of an overhaul, and thinking so we don't waste our time and make a feature that isn't useful.

    hyperPad on computer: A mac version is planned. Depending on how Apple going on doing crossplatform apps, it can happen within the next year or 2.

    Plug ins: Once we have functions and sharable behaviours you can do plug ins. Especially with the send/receive message changes where it can communicate with Xcode.

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