Custom Restrain Areas

  • Hello,
    It would be super helpful to have a custom restrain area.
    I am trying to make an app, where you can drag an object around.

    However, when you make an object not passable, you can still drag a different non passable object over other non passable objects

    The restrain area is awesome, because you can make a square that you can drag an object in, and if your finger goes out of the area, the object will still follow your finger but stay inside the restrain area.

    A custom restrain area would be perfect

  • @Davio This feature has already existed for awhile.

    You can easily find it and turn it on in the properties of a Drag & Drop behaviour and visually select the constraint area by pressing "Draggable Area".



  • @Kamdroid Yeah, I've seen that before. I was wondering if you could make constrained areas with larger polygons instead of rectangles

  • @davio For having a custom constrain shape, you could try building invisible (or not invisible) wall objects that block your draggable object (dragged object must be physics). I just wonder whether you might run into the issue of squishy physics allowing the object to push through if you drag too far outside the area.

  • That might work, but he also wants a solution that will work if he has his object passable.

  • Would be a little tricky, but you could make it non-passable and then use the Ignore Collisions behaviour on every object that it passes through.

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