Repeating/Tile image on an empty object

  • I will have an infinitely long ground. I'm using a stretched out coloured empty object currently.

    I was thinking of spawning in Individual ground tiles for when I need some detailed ground.

    It would be nicer to be able to just repeat the tile image across the long empty object, as I don't need individual tile objects, but I can't stretch out the ground graphics either.

  • @kamdroid You could have two ground graphics. One of them will be off screen, and the other one one screen. When one ground graphic goes off screen, the other one could be ahead of it. Kind of like leap frogging each other

  • @davio I get what you mean, I'm aware of recycling the ground objects. I just think it'd be more optimal for only 1 object to display a repeat of the ground image.

  • Admin

    This is actually something we're already planning to add in a future update.

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