Flipped objects with revised collision points

  • Ok...
    In my project, Santelmo, the last level (Piragua Boss) has a blue monster that the player (acting as the ball of fire, Santelmo) must beat. This can only happen during the seven times that the monster will be stopped in the game as it collides with 7 pillars where it makes itself vulnerable for the player's attacks.

    However, in the recent update of hyperpad, the collided behavior apparently doesn't work anymore with flipped objects whose collision points have been changed. What happens in the game is that once the monster hits any of the seven tagged pillars as "barrier," it just goes through to them like a transparent object.

    In the photo below, you will see the collided behavior I used which no longer works after the update.

    I wish to upload a video but its keeps telling me "i do not have enough privileges" to do such. Oh well. Since ai have already sent the project link to you guys anyway, ai hope you could find time to check the "piragua boss" level and find the blue monster there in the main scene where the code posted above is located. Thanks.

  • Now, I think I can upload videos so, please have a look at what I was having some issue with still regarding the collision behavior in hyperpad. In the first video below, you will see that the blue monster is not hitting the pillars it is supposed to hit along the way. Note that both of the the monster and the pillars are non passable wall objects here.0_1541719339656_D45DF61E-C394-41B5-8292-C45CA5EE2171.MP4

  • Video does not work, even in safari browser.

  • 0_1541720678983_80F2EC72-3069-482F-B284-D7CB5A4BDED5.MP4 Lol here's a video recording of how you can't watch videos 😛 EDIT: This video actually works though. Maybe because mine's less than 100mb and Aries one is not.

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    So there are 2 wall objects that you are trying to make collide?

    As I mentioned elsewhere, this isn't actually a bug with 1.21 (or 1.20). hyperPad does not support this. In 1.19 you were able to do this for 2 possible reason.

    1. There was a bug in 1.19 that let you do this.
      2)In 1.19 A certain behaviour on you object was automatically converting your object to be a physics object when it's needed.

    There's supposed to be a pop up telling you you can do wall on wall collisions. So there is a bug that is making that not show up for some reason.

    We're currently investigating 1.19 to see if the bug is #1, or #2.

    If it's #2, then we can apply that ""fix" to hyperPad so it continues to convert it to physics (assuming it's safe to do so).

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    @aidan-oxley said in Flipped objects with revised collision points:

    Video does not work, even in safari browser.

    Video works on computer.. Weird.

  • @murtaza Yeah weird 0_1541720962513_9063AFD6-A4FA-4006-A2C7-15E5FDEF8769.MP4 because the video I sent works fine, and so does this one I think (testing it after I send this). Lol I get that connection error message display over the top of the video the whole time.

  • @murtaza I have found a way to make the collision in my game work again by changing the monster's state into non passable physics with set gravity set to zero on both x and y axis, using the same with Santelmo and his fireball as passable item, and the pillars as static non passable wall objects. Hope this short video will be able to show this...

  • I tried playing it and it is working! Though in line with what @aidan-oxley pointed out, it has a strange “connection error" overlay on top...

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