Hyperpad's Audio Rendering is a Total Mess

  • I am finding it hard to believe that aside from the broken behaviors this latest update brought to my existing "working" project, the move to audiokit engine as hyperpad's new feature hurts it even more. I am using multiple sounds in my game and now it is a disaster; one would cause a stutter, sounds in button press no longer work even after replacing the play sound behaviors completely, worst, one play sound behavior still works using the same sound but for others, it won't work. Before, even if the pitch of the sound is 100 along with its volume, everything works; now, even if I am in edit mode, the background music I just inserted still plays!!! I really hope you can make the app more stable first before adding these features @murtaza and @hamed.
    It is so disheartening that I am still fixing my game for the 6th straight day now and at least thanks to Aidan, we found a work around on the collision issue between objects earlier. Although that one did not work on the character's collision with the bullet object though. At this point, I don't know what to do...

    i am using an iPad Pro 10.5 inch (2nd Gen) so this issue I think should not be about my iPad's limited ram resources. My iPad Air still runs the old 1.190 fine sans the new bells and whistles of this latest update but NONE of these issues (including collision and sound causing stuttering to the game) are present there so please...

    Make stability your priority before any new features. Thanks

  • Admin

    Hi Aries, while the launch of this update has not gone perfectly. This audio engine is a major benefit for the future of hyperPad. These small temporary hurdles are something we'll get sorted out quickly.

    Stability is always a priority for hyperPad. However it's impossible for us to test every permutation of the behaviours. Sometimes things get missed and sometimes things pass our unit tests (pre-made tests to make sure each major component is functioning correctly), but fail when in the hands of real users. We've been beta testing 1.21 with the community for 3 months. The beta users have not reported these types of issues, and we didn't find them either. We've also gone through hundreds of hub games to make sure the still function correctly.

    So while there is definitely a bug, it's not because we were not looking... Sometimes it's just impossible to find these things until it's in the hands of the public where we have thousands and thousands of users testing it in ways that we never even imagined.

    Now, where do we go from here? well theres absolutely no reason to panic. When major bugs are reported to us, we tend to have them fixed in a matter of days.
    We typically release a major hyperPad version every few months. But major bugs get fixed in days. So expect an update very soon with these fixed (assuming we have all the information we need to move as quickly as possible).

    We're hoping to have a bug fix update fixing most of the major issues this Friday, or early next week at the latest.

  • Alright, gotta get some sleep for now then. Tried so hard to get over this collision and sound issues only to end up in vain. I hope to see your updates then in the coming days. I just have some deadlines to meet so..this is just a perfect punch in the gut for me. Kinda feels like you are about to put the last domino on the pile and someone knocked up the rest of them on the table.

    I understand. It just... Gotta doze off to forget all this for now.

  • Admin

    Looking at the collision issue, it may be as I predicted and mentioned before. A bug that you were taking advantage of before.

    In hyperPad the collided behaviour is not supposed to work with 2 non-passable wall objects. However in 1.19 (released a year ago) a bug was introduced that made this (sort of) possible.
    The real bug is actually that there is supposed to be a warning message telling you not to do that.

    But this is still very early in us looking at the problem and it could very well be a different issue.

  • In the latest update I have fixed the collision behavior with the Piragua Monster and the pillars by setting them both as wall objects. The monster was passable while the pillar were not and it worked. Hwever, I can't get to hit him with my fireballs coming from the main character unlike before despite experimenting with its state as physics or wall object and setting it to passable or not.

  • By the way, can the users now post local videos in the forum directly without uploading them first to youtube or something?

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