Splatoon/FNaF Custom Night

  • Soooooo, since my other games were abysmal failures, I thought I would start trying harder with my FNaF Games and since I like Splatoon aswell I thought “Why not combine both?” So welcome my new project, Splatoon Custom Turf War! My FNaF/Splatoon Crossover Custom Night. However, this time, you can actually customise the AI’s! Introducing the roster!

    1. Inkling Girl (Orange)
    2. Inkling Boy (Blue)
    3. Callie
    4. Marie
    5. Pearl
    6. Marina
    7. Octoling
    8. Agent 8
    9. C.Q Cumber
    10. Crusty Sean
      New Characters might appear soon! (Depends on If HyperPad can take more than 10 Characters.) Behaviours soon to be revealed aswell! (Maybe...) Let me know what you think! I’ll wait...

  • Update: The game may feature some SFM models. (Characters, Office, ETC.) I’m just not sure how I’m gonna get that to work yet. So for now, I’m sticking with official PNGs from the internet until I can find a way to make this work! Also, behaviours for Inkling Boy and Girl reveal!

    1. Inkling Girl (Orange) - She will make her way to your office from the left hall, progressively getting closer. When she gets too close, she will make a sound cue letting you know that she’s poised to attack (Her usual WOOMY noise.) Shock the left entrance with the control pad in your office to send her away.
    2. Inkling Boy (Blue) - He requires a similar strategy as the Orange Inkling Girl, only this time on your right. You will hear him when he’s poised to attack (Obviously, an NGYES noise.) Shock the right side with the control pad in your office to send him away.

    Callie, Marie and Agent 8 soon to be revealed!

  • @sonickid7 You'll have to stay with images, 3D is not a thing in hyperPad (unless you manage to program your own 3D engine lol). You can still use other 3D programs though to create your images and animations and then use those in hyperPad to create your 3D effect.

  • You see, using other 3D softwares for the 3D was kinda what I’m trying to go for as I know it ain’t possible to make ACTUAL 3D in HyperPad. I’m just not sure what app I’m gonna use to do the 3D though.

  • I’ve decided to do the rest of the updates here, so anyways, here’s the update.
    Callie, Marie and Agent 8 info revealed!

    Agent 8: She will start off the night by sitting at the entrance to the pipes, eventually she will go through the pipes to come and get you! Close her off when she reaches an entrance from the pipes to the office to prevent her from getting in, she can attack from either pipe but is the slowest of them all.

    Callie: She is ALWAYS in the pipes and will never leave them. Whenever she reaches the left entrance to the office, close her off to stop her! She is slightly faster than Agent 8.

    Marie: The last and fastest of all the pipe crawlers, she will make her way to the pipes then enter them. Whenever she reaches the right entrance to your office, close her off.

    The Pipe System is a brand new mechanic in the game! The Pipe System will not be camera feeds but instead, a tracker. Agent 8 is represented by the Light Red Warning Icon, Callie is represented by a Pink Warning Icon whilst Marie is represented by a Green Warning Icon. If any of these characters reach the entrances without you closing them off, they will immediately kill you the next time you pull up the monitor. If you think that’s bad, wait until you see what’s up next! >:)

    Marina, Pearl and Octoling behaviours to be revealed soon!

  • Nevermind, I’ll post all these updates separately.
    Pearl, Marina and Octoling behaviours revealed!

    Pearl: She will sit on the stage with Marina, check her every so often. If she begins to get off the stage, shock her to reset her! If she comes off stage, she will make her way to your office, there will be no way to fend her off at that point.

    Marina: Shares the stage with Pearl. If she is slouched forwards, she is content. If she sits up however, you must change the music she’s listening to, this will put her back to sleep. If you neglect her for too long, you will soon be jumpscared!

    Octoling: Her attacks are unpredictable, you will however, hear her laugh when she is poised to attack. Use the cameras to see which hallway she is at then shock her to send her away. If you fail to do this in a timely fashion, your run is over!

    The last two behaviours, C.Q Cumber and Crusty Sean, soon to be revealed! (Unless, of course, more characters are added.)

  • The last 2 behaviours have been revealed!

    C.Q Cumber: He will appear in your office at random, tap on him to make him go away before he covers your screen with ink! Your window of time to stop him is thin, so you’ll have to react fast!

    Crusty Sean: All he wants is to promote Shrimp Kicks, close off the ads when they appear before you lose control of everything else going on!

    More characters coming soon? Maybe... (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

  • Well now that the characters behaviours have all been revealed, I think it’s about time I reveal the rest of the info about the game:

    • Once the beta is released to the public, it will ashamely be PNGs from the internet until I can make 3D animations.
    • The maximum difficulty will be 25 for each character. (Have fun trying 10/25 Mode! >:D)
    • The game may take a while, obviously, but I may cancel it for something better. (Haven’t decided yet.)
    • I’m trying to figure out how I can download MP3’s for the voice clips of certain characters that need voices. (Inkling Girl and Boy, Callie, Marie, Octoling, Agent 8, ETC.)
    • And finally, I’m going to have to figure out how to program customisable AI in HyperPad.

    Let me know if you think you can solve any of the problems about this game and if it can’t be solved, then I guess the games cancelled. But until then, we’ll have to wait and see!

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