Latest Update destroyed my play sound behaviors!!!!!!!!

  • Also, if you have time, kindly check the video I posted above. It shows one scene level which really lags so much after the two recent updates. I hope you could suggest a way to solve it. I would gladly send the version of my game where that level is found (level 6) upon your request @murtaza. Thanks.

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    Okay, so the problem is that Play music was far too loud which was drowning out play sound. Music is 5 times louder than it should be.

  • @hamed If I set Play Music to an extremely low volume, Play Sound seems to stay quieter even though it's not being drowned out, I think. Not 100% sure because in the test project I gave with the link Play Sound was being weird. Also I don't think they accept on the fly input fields, because I have them set to use the volume inputted but they don't change in that test project.

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    @Aidan-Oxley your test project is helping me figure it out. There's actually two problems. The audio scale for Sound effects are wrong and the music is too loud. I'm fixing the audio scaling issue as we speak.

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    There's actually a third bug! When closing the text input, it would play the music one again. That should fix @Aries29 pausing issues.

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    Hey guys here is a link to the testflight build:

    Let me know if you guys are still having issues.

  • @hamed how can i participate as a beta tester and download this?

  • @aries29 All you have to do is download testflight from the app store it's free

  • Also, I hope you are able to fix the crash... while I am testing the game, hyperpad would occasionally crash. I was just testing a single level and there it goes crashing.

  • @davio Already did. When I tap the link above, it says, "this beta is not accepting any testers something."

  • @hamed How can I try this myself? This is what it shows when I tap the link:

  • @hamed can i ask for an invitation code please?

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    @Aries29 Try again

  • @hamed still no luck.

  • Also, I'd like to inform you @hamed that in the present hyperpad version, play music does not work well with play sound behaviors and other play music behaviors found inside an overlay. In my case, the play music behavior in my scene "does not return and resume playing like it used to" when a pop up overlay with its own play music behavior is invoked. What happens is that, whatever music is playing in that overlay as play music behavior, continues to play on the scene even when the overlay is already closed. My "patch-up" solution right now, is to literally and physically drag a music icon outside the overlay space. Outside where it cannot be easily controlled along with other behaviors. Please. Look into this as well. Hyperpad's sound behavior was pretty damaged after the last two updates. Makes me wonder why you changed the sound engine and caused me a lot of trouble on my project. I have deadlines and at this rate, if your upcoming update is still going to make things worst especially on both play music and play sound behaviors, I may not be able to have this game rated by my jurors and hence, forfeit graduating this March 2019. All thanks to botched up music behaviors in the game.

  • And before any of you tells me that it's "just" music behaviors, try playing a game without any. Or one where it doesn't work well. And see how it affects your gameplay and the overall assessment of the game in my case. My jurors will think that hyperpad is crap and instead of persuading them to take it seriously as a creation software and help me recommend it with their stamp of approval to countless teachers in the academe, I'd lose that opportunity for good.

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    @aries29 said in Latest Update destroyed my play sound behaviors!!!!!!!!:

    Makes me wonder why you changed the sound engine and caused me a lot of trouble on my project.

    Because it’s better for the future of hyperPad and is actuallcy better. There are currently some growing pains, but we’re working on ironing out the last few bugs with it.

  • @murtaza I fully understand. I just hope it works just as good as the last sound engine did. Got to believe in you guys. But please, do your best to iron this out asap. I wish time is on my side right now. But I can only do so much given how slim my time is at the moment. Still have to write the rest of my paper and fixing this game is already taking quite a toll on my time at the moment. Can you please let me access the current beta app? @hamed has not fixed the link he posted here to let me join.

  • Can you please allow me to join the beta testers please @murtaza and @hamed? Been waiting for your responses since this morning.

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    Just manually invited you by your email. hopefully it works this time. Check you emails for an apple testflight email with instructions

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