"Jump" Behavior seems to not function after opening an overlay

  • iPad Model: iPad 6th Generation
    iOS version: iOS 12.1.1 (latest version at the moment)
    hyperPad Version: version 1.22
    Description: After opening an overlay on my latest project, most of the time, the "Jump" behavior does not work.
    Steps to reproduce: Open an overlay, close overlay, test the "Jump" behavior linked with other behaviors.
    Additional info: This is what my behaviors look like for this example, just in case if the Jump Behavior is not supposed to be used in this way. 0_1546896222974_6AB4C045-584C-469C-AB70-F445CA285DE1.jpeg

    The power of the jump is 0.
    The Apply Force behavior ensures that every jump results in the exact same height.

  • @robinsonx "the power of jump is 0" so you mean that the jump behaviour is actually doing nothing other than triggering the behaviours underneath?

  • hyperPad

    Hey, I'm trying to recreate your bug, but I can't seem to replicate it, can you post a sample of your project?

  • It is supposed to trigger the behaviors underneath when the character is about to jump... (It worked previously)
    And Yes, going to put a download link of the project.

  • Actually, if you guys can't recreate the bug, it's probably just how my behaviors work...

  • @robinsonx try make the sample project as simple as possible with only the behaviour you were talking about in it.

  • Oh nevermind... 😬
    Found the reason, this is not even a bug at all.
    It's just the way my behaviors were wired up.

    Any way I could delete my own posts?

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