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  • RE: climbing the ladder

    @KingOfStone In which way isn't it working?
    The concepts in the video may require some minor tweaks but the idea is still functional.

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  • RE: Im still patiently waiting

    No updates yet. Sorry.
    Hub changes are coming close though, so thats 1 thing coming to completion before we focus back on lighting!

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  • RE: Search Bar for used behaviors

    @SplitMindGaming haha thank you.

    I also forgot we do have a feature that while not search, it does help find behaviours.

    If you share values between behaviours, you can press and hold the behaviour inside the input field and it will jump to it.

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  • RE: Search Bar for used behaviors

    I agree, this is definitely a needed feature for larger projects!

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  • RE: Not available in my region

    Yeah, unfortunately Apple/China changed some stuff where there is some stuff that needs to be done so apps can be sold in China. And I just don't know how to do it.

    I looked into it briefly but couldn't figure it out. Sorry.

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  • RE: import text file

    Since apple makes the ios file system difficult to access (until recently with the addition of the files app) you can't exactly import a text file.

    However as suggested, you can have a file stored online somewhere and have you game import it with http requests.

    @RobinsonX has done this quite a bit and may have an example on it.

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  • RE: Using Hyperpad as in interactive educational tool

    @TutorialDoctor said in Using Hyperpad as in interactive educational tool:

    I've been toying with the idea of using Hyperpad as an interactive educational tool to teach algorithms and data structures.

    This is a great idea! We actually have some teachers doing this already for other classes.

    For me, the most unfortunate thing about Hyperpad is how few and far between the updates are, and there are a lot of features that could be added to make the app a lot more useable for larger projects.

    We're working on improving update times. We're shifting some things around, and grew our team a bit so we can put some more time into hyperPad updates.
    That being said, we also need to find a balance with updates. In the past we did weekly and monthly updates, but we found that people would not update the app at all. This caused a lot of headache with support, as some questions or issues were already fixed but they were on an older version.

    I think Hyperpad is a wonderful application that is probably not as popular as it should be. I almost wish an app like this was built using Apple's SDK so that new features could be easier to add (high hopes).

    Other than the hub, hyperPad is a native application. New features wouldn't be added quicker any ways. For the most part, the underlying code in hyperPad is pretty good! The issue is some features rely on other things ti be put in place first. You can't start a building from the top level down.
    A lot of momentum was taken out by the whole covid pandemic. We had to change a lot of how we do things. We're working on restructuring now, and hopefully will be bale to dedicate more hands on hyperPad to progress quicker.

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  • RE: RobinsonX (Game ChangeLogs)

    Looks great, really spooky.
    Is the "level" a 3d rendered image you're just panning?

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  • RE: Other websites

    Currently hyperPad is iOS only, and can export only the the ios app store.
    One day in the future we'd like to expand and have more export options but its a pretty huge undertaking and not top priority right now.

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  • RE: App crash

    Hey we're currently in the process of finishing up a bug fix update that addresses all the new crashes reported.

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