Ultimate SonicKid7 Night

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    Coming soon! Maybe...

  • Now just looking at this image alone you’re probably wondering, “Why are all these random characters here? Spyro? Baldi? Sonic? What is this?” I understand your confusion and I’m here to say it’s all just for fun. I made the roster like this for a reason, to be completely random, like every single one of my other games! If it’s finished, then I hope you all enjoy it!

  • @sonickid7 Lol this will be funny if it happens, most of these characters aren't even scary :P

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    oh no

  • SonicKid7’s Roster:

    Squid Sisters - A picture of them will flash on your screen at random, you cannot prevent them from appearing.
    Withered Human Jayden - He will occasionally appear in either vent, close him off when he appears on one of the cameras.
    Withered Lennard - He will randomly appear in the office, if his eyes are white, use the flashlight. If his eyes are red, put on the mask.
    Sylveon - Her ribbons will begin to wrap around you, use the A/C to get rid of the, before she ends your run!
    Inkling Boy - He will randomly pop up and block your view of the office.
    Silver - He will suddenly appear in the office and prevent you from doing anything. Tap on him 5 times to make him leave.
    Blaze - She will randomly appear in your office and continuously heat it up. (In Ultimate SonicKid7 Night, If the temperature reaches 120°, you will die from overheating.) Use The A/C or Fan to get rid of her.
    Piranha Plant - A warp pipe will be on the desk, if Piranha Plant comes out of the warp pipe, give a controlled shock!
    Papyrus - He will occasionally attack at either the left or right door. He will give away his attack with his classic “Nyeh heh heh!” At this point, you must see which side he’s on using the cameras and then snaring him off until he leaves.
    Monika - She will try to delete one of your devices, when she appears, find her and deactivate her.

  • double oh no

  • Hehehehehe...

  • What a creep...

  • Half of the roster has been programmed and let me tell ya, it’s absolute CHAOS.

  • I’m tryna test things and the app keeps crashing... :/

  • R.I.P Ultimate SonicKid7 Night:
    The Game kept constantly crashing HyperPad so I gave up. Sorry. :/

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