Copying a project (not branching) causes files to be unable to open

  • iPad Model: iPad 6th Generation
    iOS version: iOS 12.1.4 (latest version at the moment)
    hyperPad Version: version 1.23
    Description: Copying a project in hyperPad using an another app causes the assets inside the project to be unopenable.
    Steps to reproduce: Open up a file app (I'm using Apple's File App in this case), copy any project in hyperPad, restart hyperPad and open hyperPad to see the changes of the copied project.
    Additional info: The copied project has not been though the Import process, which is probably what's causing the files to be unviewable in the first place.

  • Admin

    Not actually a bug.
    hperPad has some built in checks and stuff that prevent this kind of stuff for project integrity and security.

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