Removing a tag from an object via behavior removes all of the objects tags.

  • iPad Model: iPad air 1
    iOS version: 11.3
    hyperPad Version: 1.23
    Description: If you use the remove tag behavior on an object it removes every tag regardless of whether or not its the tag requested with the behavior.
    Steps to reproduce: Use the remove tag behavior on an object with more than one tag, all of the tags will be removed.
    Additional info: Below I posted a link to download a project showcasing this glitch. All of the behaviors are inside of the empty object I placed. In this project there is an object with two tags. I remove one tag, then attempt to destroy all objects with the other tag. However, the object is not destroyed which shows that both tags were removed.

  • Wow, no wonder! 😮

    I was wondering why the tags were acting weird...

  • Admin

    Thanks for reporting this. Will look into it and report back if we need more info!

  • Admin

    This is now fixed in 1.24

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