Setting an Array or Dictionary with invalid format causes crash

  • iPad Model: iPad 5th generation
    iOS version: 12.3.1
    hyperPad Version: 1.230 (Not beta)
    Description: Setting an array with a dictionary and setting a dictionary with an array will cause hyperPad to stutter and crash.
    Steps to reproduce: Place a dictionary or array in the editor, and have a Modify Array/Dictionary behavior set their contents to an invalid json type. Play the project, then execute the behavior. A crash will follow in seconds.
    Additional info: I have created a project showcasing these bugs. So far no other crashes when inputting other text.

  • 1_1562779531033_7A2F69EA-8239-478E-A012-51FD7DBFD3EC.jpeg 0_1562779531033_91FBEFED-0796-4284-9FA6-A401C86CF3E9.jpeg

  • Admin

    This is fixed in 1.24

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