• Re: 1.24 Finally Available!

    Please please think about us android people. I used hyperpad and had my app in the app store for a year but refuse to pay $99 a year when Google Play store is a one-time charge of $25.
    Please make this app available on android too.

  • @ackov1977 Devs are not currently planning to make an Android version of hyperPad, they are working on other things. Bringing hyperPad on Android will also be very difficult, since hyperPad uses specific Apple features as I understand, but they are trying to do things without it as I also understand and it is still possible one day so let's be patient about it c:

  • Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think you can reach out to some third party companies to host your game on the App Store, I remember a creator on hyperPad would subbmit some creators apps but I haven’t heard from them in a while. I would hope for an android version too but I think it’s better for hyperPad to focus on making the iPad version as good as possible first.

  • Admin

    Android is unrealistic right now, as it pretty much will require a total rewrite.

    We do hope to expand on more iOS and Apple platforms though (like apple TV and Mac).

    I do get your frustration with Apples $99 yearly fee. However there are some reason behind it. Apple uses it as a filter so the app store is not riddled with junk. Also, you generally get "better" users on iOS than you do on android. And by better users I mean users who are engaged, more likely to play, more likely to appreciate the product, and just overall more rewarding for the developer. There is a reason why most major app releases are on iOS first.

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