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  • Im not a coder by any means. Its why i look for apps that focuses on visual scripting. I notice with this app it has alot of really nice complex things you can add for the game. But it needs more simplicity. Be nice if an animation toolset can be added to the behavior list panel. Something simple you can quicky add to an object such as shake, pulse, bounce, blink, switch image with a loop, linear animation, path animation. This would be game changer to simply add little moving animation to menu buttons and on screen objects using code instead of sprite sheet animations.

  • @SplitMindGaming You already have those... There are multiple transitions that does that in Moving Behaviors. You just have to practice a bit and it's very simple.

  • @SplitMindGaming And also it won't be easy at all for them to make that I guess, I don't really know but it seems kinda hard.

  • @XxWhiteHearrxX i got this idea because i use to use a photoshop plugin called kwiksher. And thats from the power of a plugin. Imagine from a full dedicated app such as hyperpad.

  • @SplitMindGaming You can already do this using behaviours. Check the Transitions tab.

    Some useful behaviours:

    You can also use the "Set" counterpart behaviours instead of "By" to set a fixed value, rather than relative to how the object is.

  • After using hyperpad for some time I still do believe it needs Some type of animation toolset. Yes i know you can code them in but using this app I have to give my honest critique and thats this app has a pretty large learning curve. Especially for someone like me who is strictly a graphic designer. I found myself treating this app like a school project. Everything I wanted to know how to do I had to refer to the manual page and ask a ton of question in the forums. If an animation toolset is unlikely then maybe under the objects tab there is a “shake object” “pulse object”. Some sort of way to introduce some real 1 click integrations. For example drag a button to the user interface and connect a shake object to it. Or when an enemy collides with this character it shakes for 2 seconds. Honestly i love this app and i intend to use it everyday. Just please take my advice on really trying to design this app to the none coder because thats where the market is at. And if for me I feel like theres a large learning curve. Imagine how alot of other people feel. They probably would just stop using the app and give up. Atleast with me im voicing my opinions and letting you know from a pure graphic designer point of view who obviously as many of you can tell by my millions of questions dont know anything about coding. This is however my opinion and you guys are welcome to agree or disagree. Below is a list of what I think would help this app tremendously.

    • More 1 click animation behaviors specifically to objects. For example shake object, pulse object, blink object.

    • Saving variables less steps. Instead of set label, get label, save to file. Add the object values to set label. So that it can be set label, save to file.

    • ability to select multiple “ load from file” keys.

    • ability to delete keys from the hyperpad user interface

    • have a redo option under the behavior menu. This to me is actually important as many time i would accidentally click the delete button instead of the duplicate button. I would then lose that behavior and have to re add it back to the screen.

    • the ability to select multiple objects within the hyperpad user interface and put them in groups. Similar to how photoshop work. This way you can move them around together without always having to use the multiple select laso tool. Also be good for project management such as a group just for buttons, a group for game obstacles.

    • also this is more of annoyance then a feature request but sometimes as im moving my finger around the behavior menu trying to find my specific code. I would sometimes accidentally cut some behaviors during the process of me moving my finger around. And if im not careful in remembering where i think i cut it would take me hours just to find the bug in my game because that object is no longer connected to something. Maybe to fix instead of long clicking to cut an object string. Maybe long click to bring a menu that says cut.

    Also final thoughts. Everything i listed is pretty much what a graphic designer would think to have. As im pretty sure all graphic designers have knowledge of photoshop. Replicating most of photoshops general user interface alot more people might have a better transition to hyperpad.

  • @SplitMindGaming I'm sort of a graphic designer to. I'm more a designer than a programmer actually. I can understand why you are annoyed by those, but in my opinion hyperPad is ok for now. We can still make things like you said but it'll affect performance sometimes and everything ( that is the most annoying part of it ). I don't really like one click behaviors, I really feel like you are asking specific things. I much feel like those would perfectly fit in plug-ins like sort of things ( but there aren't any plug-in system on hyperPad so ).

    For example I would love a sort of plug-in system where you can download it and it will add an animation toolset for example 🤷 And with that we could create many plug in to help each other. But I think it would be complicated to implement that already, I see it like rewriting the hyperPad code to make a plug-in workable with hyperPad. And we will have to make our plug-ins from scratch 😬 But else I found it would be a good idea.

    But if you are wondering, I think some of you said should be in a few updates now as I've seen on the hyperPad's Trello. The next update will be a bug fix update and maybe after that there will be the Lights, Mask update 😶 It should make you happy 👌

  • @XxWhiteHearrxX plugin system. That would be amazing. I cant wait for the update. I love hyperpad and only want to see its success. So anything i feel would be a great feature. Im always sure to voice my opinion. Because honestly if we all voiced our opinion. It would help the developers know exactly what should be added and what shouldnt. Because afterall. Hyperpad is a tool for us. Also forgot to mention. Please add a Dedicated background repeater behavior. 🙏

  • Maybe an idea somewhat related to plugins: the plugins are created by the community. Allow us to copy blocks of behaviours across objects, objects and behaviours across projects.

    Perhaps also add a "behaviour block" for extra neatness which does a similar thing to what used to happen where you could tap and hold a behaviour to cause everything under it to hide, if anyone remembers that (so we've basically created a custom behaviour).

  • @Aidan-Oxley you have something going on that because I actually saved alot of you guys mini projects files you created for me to quickly reference how to do something. For example with whitehare and the shaking code. It be actually nice if that was a custom behavior i can actually load everytime when i need it instead on writting the entire sequence each time for each object. You could probably change the custom behavior name it is now to something else and use that custom behavior tab for real custom behaviors that we can download and save from eachother. Be a good way to really get the community involved and also take some of the stress out from the developers on creating future request imo.

  • Admin

    We love hearing user feedback, and really appreciate you guys taking the time to give your opinions and ideas. We definitely want to add simple animation tools like this eventually!

  • @Murtaza Thanks for listening. I love your product and marketing is also one of my strong points. What i learned is people have really short attention spans. The moment a user feels like they cant do something they are quick to put the item down. I just want to make sure that all those simple first steps a user does to try to create a game is covered and so far you guys did a good job with that. Especially seeing past videos of how the joystick control used to look like. Now when you open the joystick control you guys implemented everything from inside it. Would love to see more features like that be introduced to more controls and behavior. For example the

    Count Down timer behavior. Would love to see a slot where you can input the sound it makes when it finishes. Also a warning sound input you can put. For example if it hits 10 seconds it will play a warning sound.

    Really the simple things a user does early on during the game creation process. You want them to feel like they are engaged. Its why i keep pushing the specific animation toolsets or behaviors. When i opened the app and tried to add a simple pulse effect to a button and realized i couldnt. Then i messaged you and you said to implement over 3 to 4 different behaviors just to do this. I honestly was going to delete the app. But im glad i didnt and decided to stay patient and really learn everything because thats when i seen the true potential and power this app had. But everyone is not like me and the other few people in this forum who stay active and still use hyperpad. Im going to leave it at this. When dealing with visual scripting such as your app. You truly have to cater to to the less knowledge person. So the more idiot proof you make the app. I guaranty you that your download numbers and user interactions will go up.

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