Local project backup system

  • I would love if we had an easy option to backup a project locally to our iPad. Ability to save multiple backups of one project, name it, and revert back to it.

    This would be useful for when you're implementing a big change, or reskinning a project for a holiday (then you can revert to prior backup to remove the holiday theme)

    I know we could do a "share project" backup, but we would have to organise it externally and I'm not sure if we could revert to it easily.

    I also don't use cloud backups since the uploading/downloading process takes awhile, and we can't name our backups either.

  • Admin

    Do you mean like a duplicate project type functionality?

  • @Murtaza Yeah maybe something like that. Not like the one we already have which is Branch project cause that causes the project to become a completely new project.

  • @Kamdroid You could still Share it to send it to somewhere external (e.g Apple Notes app if you have it, or HyperPad Viewer) then just send it straight back to hyperPad and rename it. Annoying workaround though.

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