Xcode coming to iOS 14

  • So there has been news that Xcode is coming to iOS 14. Would this help hyperPad in any way I’m curious. This definitely means that creating any type of app on the iPad is coming to life. I can see instance of in app purchases being made easily available. Building to Xcode much easier.

  • Admin

    No way to tell right now. It really depends on what apple gives and exposes. If it works the same as it does on the mac (unlikely) than it's fantastic, makes the process more streamlined and our users no longer need macs to export their projects to the app store.

    And hopefully this also means apple relaxes some of its rules for 3rd party developers and we can add features for actual scripting, plugins and other awesome stuff.

  • Is there a reason why apps like Codea, which have fully featured Lua programming are allowed, but hyperPad can't?

  • Admin

    @Kamdroid yes. It goes into how they handle files and share.

    We so wouldn’t be able to have something like the hub, and project sharing in general would be a huge challenge.
    Part of hyperpads “secret sauce” is that we adhere to apples guidelines while still enabling sharing.

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