RagDrag demos not in newest projects

  • Why aren't any of my RagDrag demos in the Newest Projects tab? I've waited a less than a week for those to show up, and yet they didn't?!

  • If you are a new user, welcome! 🎉

    Projects from new users for held until they are approved from the team. If they decide that the account is not spam or unwanted, then the account is approved. The user would be able to post freely as long as they follow the guidelines.

    Oh, don't take my word. I'm not sure if this is actually how it works I'm not a developer, but I hope this issue would be fixed!

  • Admin

    @RobinsonX Actually its to be approved by the community.

    Everyone can vote/approve them.

    Also, I took a quick look, you're not using a proper icon, and your description includes filler content to bypass the character limit. Our general rule is if you can't come up with a short description, then your project is probably not ready for the hub.

  • @Murtaza Actually, the icon is blank because I couldn't make my own 1024x1024 icon.

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