Looking for Classes

  • Hi,
    does hyperpad offers online classes?
    are teachers around that would offer online classes?

    I know there are plenty tutorials around but I'm really interested to get into this with a teacher.

    any tips appreciated.


  • Hello @Joeloyal!

    I am aware there are video tutorials and schools are utilizing hyperPad as a teaching resource. However, if you're not using hyperPad at a school and using hyperPad as a hobby - I suggest joining the hyperPad discord server for quick and reliable feedback on your journey.

    There are a lot of active hyperPad users who can guide you and we can quickly reply to your questions since we get push notifications there.

  • From what I know though, I don't think hyperPad offers teachers or tutors outside the educational field.

  • @RobinsonX
    Thank you very much.

  • Admin

    We don't have classes. But every Thursday we have a live stream which teaches how to use hyperPad in an on going series of making a game.
    It's streamed on Twitch, youtube and facebook. You can also ask questions during the stream.

    So while not a structured class, its pretty close!

  • Admin

    July 7th we will be doing a livestream with a teacher, Steve Iliano, who will be training teachers on how to teach kids how to use hyperPad. Maybe you would be interested in joining? I will be posting more information to sign up for it this week !

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