Plugins in hyperPad! (UNOFFICIAL)

  • DISCLAIMER: This is not an official feature and is not endorsed or sponsored by any official hyperPad associates. I created this as a tool for everyone to use freely.

    I have successfully created a web application that can mod your hyperPad project to your heart's content! Although it is still in development, I would like to announce it to the community early so you guys get to try out this new tool!

    And yes, you can add and remove user-generated plugins from your hyperPad project using this software. That means you can copy behaviors, objects and assets from one project and port it over to other projects - a feature that users have asked for a while!

    You can try out the plugin feature directly in your browser without downloads:

    Feel free to share your plugins here! Please try not to post plugins anywhere else on the forums!

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    @RobinsonX this is wild good job

  • 24E6D415-36AB-4E82-A1B5-0A996577B1B8.jpeg

    I created a plugin that allows players to buy in-game items using a virtual currency - hype tokens! Hype tokens are a virtual currency that we use in the hyperPad discord server and it is time for other people to use them in their games!

    Join our Discord:

    You can download the plugin here to use in your project:

    EDIT: I fixed some issues with the plugin not working correctly - feel free to use it!

  • @RobinsonX woah this sounds really cool!

    I know hyperPad normally doesn't let you have multiple behaviours with the same name, did you run into any issues with that?

  • @Jack8680 So far I don't think anything happens when having multiple of the same behavior name - it just works. Each behavior has a unique ID of their own, so having behaviors with the same name shouldn't cause any issues.

    I guess the problem is when you're selecting a behavior by its name, you won't know which behavior is which. 🤷‍♂️

  • If you guys want to import the hypeTokens plugin and use it in your projects, here is documentation on it!

  • B5C6C0CF-C0EB-4DAE-961F-101D2998C9BE.jpeg
    This isn't really plugin-related, but I implemented an IDE in the project modder where you can execute code on your file - it isn't completely functional but it does open some applications to custom scripts that can dynamically modify project data. 👀


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