Three Dimensions

  • Is hyperPad ever going to implement three-dimensional game building? I understand this is very very difficult, but just curious of what the future is.

  • The developers actually have already considered this and their response was that they don't plan on making a 3D workflow anytime soon - not only it is hard (like you said) but it is also rough on the user experience. This would be the same reason why Blender isn't on mobile: it's significantly harder for the users to navigate around a 3D environment just by touchscreen.

    You can take a look at HypeHype for example, a 3D game building app on mobile, the user interface was extremely cluttered and you were very limited in what you can do - customizability was sacrificed for performance.

  • Not saying it's impossible - the hyperPad developers are skilled and talented. It's just a far-fetched feature.

  • @RobinsonX I have used one game engine called “struckd” and it is kind of like HypeHype but more easier to use, I love struckd but I don’t use it anymore because you can’t update a game after it’s published. So if this had a similar 3D aspect it would make me love hyperPad even more. Just and idea though, probably won’t happen.

  • Admin

    We currently have no plans to make hyperPad 3D.

    The problem is like @RobinsonX says, making 3D games is more difficult. A lot of users don't consider the extra difficulty that comes with creating 3D games.
    Creating 3D models, animations, etc. Is just more challenging and resource intensive than 2D sprites. With 2D games anyone can do it, you don't need any special tools. AND, getting 2D art online is much easier since there is a pretty standard graphic format. With 3D content there is no standard, so you're going to have a hard time finding assets that work with out more specialized tools.

    Unless we change it completely like some of the platforms you mention, where you are limited to what you create. In those platforms you're essentially working with their templates and changing some basic settings around. You don't have the full creative freedom that hyperPad provides.

  • I agree. It would be cool for 3D on hyperPad but hyperPad on mobile would make it weird for 3D assets. A lot of games on hyperPad don’t need 3D assets. They are totally fine with 2D assets. I would not add the 3D assets, unless they are limited. (There isn’t any “good” app/website that lets you make 3D shapes and import them.)

  • Yeah, there's no professional 3D modeling software on mobile as far as I know. I had to use a computer to make somewhat decent 3D models, which kinda defeats the purpose of hyperPad of making it as easy as possible to make games.

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