Please Bring Back Dark UI for Hyperpad

  • I would be 10 times more enthusiastic about Hyperpad if it provided Users with a Dark Interface Theme - like GamePress provided.

    As a person who has been producing Art, Animation and Interactive Experiences on the Apple Platform since 1985 - I can testify to the relief that tired and damaged eyes can experience by working in an application that uses a dark or, at least, darker interface than Stark White (which is just a current style trend in Application UI's).

    Since HyperPad is really a coding application (visually speaking) - one can expect to spend many, many hours in front of the iPad's screen - (Retina Blasting) - if he is in the App-Making business.

    Please show your appreciation for long time developers by providing us with Eye Preservation and Retina Relief (through the enabling of a Hyperpad Dark Interface Theme).

    Greg Smith

  • @Greg-Smith if you purchase developer there is a night time theme which is similar to gamepress, but if you don't want to do that you could go to settings, general, accessibility, accessibility shortcuts, and there you can select invert colours, so whenever you triple press the home button it inverts the light colours to dark. This isn't perfect though because you'd still have to uninvert on the scene editor and when testing.

  • I do think that having a dark theme shouldn't cost extra. The eye thing is a real problem and the IOS mode doesn't suffice.

  • Admin

    As stated, the dark theme is part of the developer package.

    @TutorialDoctor , I get where you're coming from. But you're not paying for just the dark theme. It's a perk for upgrading, creating a whole package of goodness :).

    I have some ideas, where it may let us move the dark theme to the indie tier. But it won't be until we knock out some other updates.

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