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    I have some feedback for you guys...

    It would be great to have folders to group projects in. I have oftentimes found myself wanting to group similar objects.

    It would be even greater to be able to branch one's own projects without other users knowing so when publishing, or with it even showing to you.

    Combine the two features, and users can have folders dedicated to a big project. Different experiments, concept efforts, and the actual game can all be stored within the same project folder.

    Please consider this system for the next update.

    I know that personalized user hubs are soon to come for developer users. I think you should make this a primary focus in the next update, as this has been officially advertised for a very long time. It also sounds really cool and helpful!

    I also suggest that users can group projects and advertise content within their personalized pages. I'm going to go even further as to say that these pages should be able to serve as official websites for users - even if the domain is characterized as Hyperpad's.

    Finally, I suggest collaboration management in the future.

    Different users would be able to work on projects simultaneously. They'd also be able to share folders (look above), and have their own group pages (also above).

    Finally, users should be allowed to create a team name, and make team announcements.

    Let me know what you think!

  • This didn't get missed, did it?

  • Admin

    Sorry I thought I replied to this. I guess I forgot.

    • Grouping projects/ folders... interesting idea. We'll look into it. Won't be for next update though (if we decide to go through with it). Although this sounds simple, it's a major change to the underlying way we handle projects.

    • Branching your own projects: if you use cloud backups, and download your project this should do what you want.

    • Personalized hubs are actually sort of live. Though it's not what you seem to think it is. It's typically used to create a private community for your brand or organization. It's primarily for schools, who have their own hub with their own students who upload projects to it.
      That being said, we're thinking of changing the way we think about this, and offering a different solution for "regular" people. Where your hub page acts (or generates something) as a website page that you can use to promote your game. We're noticing users who share to the App Store sometimes enter as their site (very bad idea). This way you would at least have your own site and community for that project.
      But we're still planning this.

    • We want to offer better collaboration. We're planning on adding a editable users list, where you can give permission to certain hyperPad users to edit a non editable project. Still working out the details on this, and seeing how we can make this be useful and less gimmicky.

    • Eventually we want it so you and a team can edit the same project at the same time, but this is more of a dream right now since it requires a lot of overhead, and a lot of rewrites. Maybe once the hyperPad community grows, and we have the resources to tackle this kind of project.

    • Team name, and team announcements. Interesting idea, can you be more specific here? Where would announcements show up?

    Any ways, some great ideas. I think a few require us to be a bit larger community before it makes sense to adding them. But always open to new ideas :).

  • Hey @Murtaza it's great that you're considering this stuff!

    When I mentioned "team names and announcements" I was only adding to the concept of users' Hyperpad websites. Basically, in addition to users' own pages, they can have team pages and send out announcements. They'd have some professional team name - from the App Store, Nitrome would serve the perfect example.

    Any other questions?

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