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  • Viewer App now available!

    After much delay the viewer app is finally out!
    You can download it for free here: it's available for iPhone and iPad.

    Now your friends and family can play your hyperPad projects without buying the full hyperPad app.

    The viewer can open hyperPad projects shared through email or air drop, and also has full access to the hyperPad Hub.

    Keep in mind this is only the first version, major update is already in the works with the new hyperPad Hub.

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  • RE: Congratulations Winners!

    Check your emails folks. We've sent out some emails to to arrange shipping you your prizes!

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  • Congratulations Winners!

    You can probably guess the winners of the halloween challenge. Unfortunately we did not have many submissions this time around. Maybe we'll try something else for the next few challenges...

    1st Place: RobinsonX with Hallowed
    2nd Place: BD Studios with Reap
    3rd Place Epicmametchi with Candy Defence!

    We will reach out after the holidays to get your prizes delivered!

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  • Version 1.25 Now available

    hyperPad Version 1.25 is finally here! It should be available in app stores around the world very any moment now.

    This update focuses on performance improvements and some bug fixes to issues that were introduced in version 1.24

    What's new:

    • Log in With Apple

    What's Fixed:

    • Large and complex scenes are now much faster at loading
    • Share with friends bugs are fixed
    • Behaviour output list is no longer cut off for behaviours with many output options
    • Fixed issue where loading the forum before the hub would ask you to log in
    • Fixed errors when opening some projects from a url
    • Making new project is more accessible
    • Fixed layers bar scrolling issues
    • Fixed PTM reverting to 0 on older projects
    • Fixed broken sample projects
    • Forum avatars are now synced with app
    • Fixed issue where overlay menu wouldn't open on iOS13
    • Fixed crash with set screen rotation behaviour
    • Fixed crash with set life indicator behaviour on old projects

    You can video the complete list of changes, and planned future updates on our roadmap

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  • RE: So...

    Android is unrealistic right now, as it pretty much will require a total rewrite.

    We do hope to expand on more iOS and Apple platforms though (like apple TV and Mac).

    I do get your frustration with Apples $99 yearly fee. However there are some reason behind it. Apple uses it as a filter so the app store is not riddled with junk. Also, you generally get "better" users on iOS than you do on android. And by better users I mean users who are engaged, more likely to play, more likely to appreciate the product, and just overall more rewarding for the developer. There is a reason why most major app releases are on iOS first.

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  • RE: Saving score and scene level


    For that what you could do is save the page number each time you turn the page.

    Then when the book first starts load the page number, when user presses resume reading or what ever load scene that matches the loaded value.

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  • RE: Saving score and scene level

    So how saving works is you're saving data. You can't save the state or the screen.
    There are 2 tricks with saving and loading.

    1. know what you want to save/load
    2. know when to save/load. This one is the most important, because it can drastically change your results.

    So, say you want to save 5 points when you press a save button.
    You can do something like this:
    Stopped touching --> Save to File
    Then on the save behaviour properties, add a key (this is how you will reference what you saved). So enter something like Score.
    In the next box you enter the score value it self that you want saved. So drag in the points from either a box container, or "get Label" behaviour into this field.

    Now when the user pressing a "save" button it will save.
    In a real world, you probably don't want to have a save button. Instead you would want to save when your character does something. Beats a high score, loses, wins etc.

    Next you would need to load.
    How you want to use that data depends on the load. The flow of loading data usually works like this:

    1. On scene start: Load behaviour
    2. Then output that loaded data into a label or some other useful object.
      Often times with loading errors, users try making use of the data before it's actually loaded.

    So in this example, we will just make a load button.

    Like save, do a stopped touching --> Load from file
    On the load behaviour properties select the Score key.

    Then add something like set label, and connect it to the load. Then output the loaded value to the set label.

    Thats it.

    Here is an example project on saving/loading

    Now for your other question on saving/loading the screen. This is more tricky. And depends heavily on your game. Something like an RPG game, saving/loading is a challenge. You would need to save many things. Characters position, inventory, health, skill etc. All of these would be individual keys/values in the save to file behaviour.
    The when you start the game, load each one and then "set up" the scene with the data.

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  • RE: Hub comment replies not displaying correctly

    Nope sorry. Version 1 is about 60% of the way done though!

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  • RE: Hub comment replies not displaying correctly

    This is actually one of the changes with the new hub, and it had to go live on the current version as well.

    New hub removes threading, instead it will show @username instead

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  • RE: BDStudios: Reap

    Looks good! Spooky vibes!

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