Berdie (WIP)

  • Hey guys.. This is a game im working on. Im kinda stuck.. I still can't decide what the goal should be yet. Thats probably the wrong way to create a game but I just cant help but create the characters first.

  • Admin

    Love the graphics, animation and art style!

    You can do something like a reverse mega jump.

    Make the goal to collect coins, items, power ups etc. But have the ground always off screen so it feels like an infinite runner. How it ends, you miss too many pick ups and then the floor appears and you land.


  • Nicely done! I don't think there is a good or wrong way to start a game or something as long as you "finish it" and that is the hardest thing ;)
    As for the goal I would make the bird controlled by tilt and catch butterflies on the way down, some "hawks" flying upwords to catch the bird. Definitely an infinite runner as Murtaza said, well if you replace his coins and other things with characters that matches your scene or game design you can get something nice at the end ...
    Good luck!

  • @Shady91 your link was disabled for generating too much traffic

  • I create characters first too and think about gameplay later. Hehe. Looks nice. It's always inspiring to create the characters and at least a little interaction.

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