No Physics Mode

  • A no physics mode would be awesome. You could turn off physics completely for projects that don't need physics.

    Also, could we get some sort of draw line behavior. Pretty much exactly like a spring attach behavior but without the physics so it just shows a line. :)

  • Yeah this would be good, depending on how hyperPad works, would completely turning off physics reduce lag heaps compared to making scenery objects?

  • @DomiNation but if you make everything scenery, isn't that the same as having no physics?

  • @Jack8680 It should be. The line attach behavior would be super useful though because the objects need to be physics objects to use spring attach.

  • Admin

    If you don't use any of the physics behaviours, and use scenery objects then the physics engine isn't really doing any thing.

    So don't use collided, don't use any of the attaches, don't use any forces, etc.

    As for drawing lines, we want to add something like this. But need to come up with he best way of doing this.

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