• Find people to collaborate with here! I'll start:

    Looking for people to collaborate on a procedurally generated dungeon crawler, similar to The Binding of Isaac. Looking for people to come up with ideas, help make the game, and create assets. If this project ever goes to the AppStore, profits will be shared equally among the group members who wish to participate in the publishing process (sharing costs for hyperPad developer and Apple Developer licenses), and those who don't want to can just work on the game without any costs or profits. Reply below if you're interested.

  • @Jack8680 I'm generally interested in collaborations. I've never heard of the Dungeon of Isaac though. I could work on simplistic graphics, and do a lot with behaviors. I'm interested, just don't know if I'm the greatest fit. If we all assume our own positions in the development then I should be able to help, as long as you explain the general concept.

  • It would be cool if there were some sort of real time collaboration in hyperPad, similar to Google Docs or iOS 10 new features, but behaviours rather than text. Otherwise everyone that collaborates has to constantly email the project to each other. I'm interested, i feel like i could do well in combat effects but maybe not so much in graphics (I'm no good at making a person for the player, would be better at making other visual effects maybe).

  • @Aidan-Oxley @Aidan-Oxley well I'm really bad at animation and person-vector, too. I could only experiment with more simple vector graphics and stuff you might find in a shop, text, logos, etc. When they come out with the private hub feature then people could collaborate from there (I think).

  • @Jack8680 I'll help. Has anyone considered multiplayer games with HTTP Requests?

  • @DomiNation ah yes, have you? :)

  • @DomiNation HTTP requests aren't out yet, are they? I've wanted to use them for ages but I doubt live multiplayer games (like shooters) would work well because I'm pretty sure http requests are slow. It would work well for turn based games and for online highscore lists though.

  • @GameCRAZY @DomiNation @Aidan-Oxley it's pretty much just a top down dungeon made up of multiple rooms. Each room is rectangular and contains enemies, loot, rocks, etc. The goal is to clear these rooms of enemies in order to advance to the next. You get multiple hearts and there are many items which each do different things, like teleporting, familiars, shot modifiers, etc. Your main way of attacking enemies is by shooting them. When you die, you lose all progress (except item and character unlocks, which you get for doing certain achievements). You can look up The Binding of Isaac online, but I don't want to make an exact replica anyway so the main idea is basically a top down procedurally generated shooter. If anyone is interested, just messages me at via the messages app (aka iMessage) then I can start a group chat and we can share files through that and continue the discussion there.

  • @Jack8680 @GameCRAZY Yes, they are slow. But turn based games like chess or card games will work.

  • @DomiNation iMessage me at if you want to join the group chat for messages.

  • @Jack8680 never mind texting me - just saw this response, going to send my "hello" in a second,

  • Admin

    The forum supports also live chat. You can view the forum in safari at

  • I can try sound effects/ music. As long as I could get a general idea of what it should sound like :)

  • @Hamed iMessage is an easy way to share the .tap file and images though and iOS gives notifications when you get a message instead of having to log into a forum. @Benstar we're not completely sure what the game will be like yet... You can iMessage me if you want but I don't think we'll add music and sounds until we're a bit more done with gameplay development. The only thing we're pretty sure of is that there's gonna be lava... If you can figure out what sound lava makes that's probably the only sound we know we'll use...

  • I can help with the backend if needed.

  • @Thecheater887 You wouldn't happen to know how to make a pathfinding AI? I don't mean as in neural networks or anything, just something that can get to the player without getting stuck on obstacles... I looked at the A* algorithm but anything I try to do in hyperPad just ends up being incredibly laggy... I feel like hyperPad isn't powerful enough to run a big game like this - I already had to fix a while colliding that was causing the game to drop to around 3 fps simply because it was running too many behaviours in a single tick (at least I think that's what was causing it)... Send me an iMessage at or if you don't have iMessage, just email.

  • Use colliding, behavior off on start, and when done, behavior on on the colliding.

    No, I don't, but that's something that I need often, and I feel many people could use, so it's definitely worth a multi-person researching and development team. I haven't found anything useful on the arcade aside from move to object, so if I have to solo build, I have to solo build, but it needs done at some point regardless.

    I'll email you shortly.

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