Lock object movement on X or Y axis

  • I’m making a game where I give the illusion of the camera movement by having obstacles move towards the player, however eventually the character will accidentally move on the X axis, ruining the experience.

    This can be easily solved by giving an option to lock an object’s X or Y axis movement.

  • @Kamdroid I've seen this somewhere. And I think I use it something I built for a camera dummy a while back... it might be a behaviour.

  • @Deeeds Found it. It's in "Screen Follow" behaviour, Under Screen Behaviours.

    You can lock to one of the axis.

  • @Kamdroid btw, if you're moving something to make a fake/dummy object for you camera to follow, so you can do delays of the camera and fake lerping (which I am) then do your update on Timer set at:


    This is 1/60th of a second, or thereabouts

    with as many 6's as you can be bothered typing.

    This got rid of a weird set of vibrations and other stuttering that was very fast but visible when I had this set to 0.

    I would not have thought this would make a difference, assuming that 0 was equivalent to 0.016666, but it's obviously not.

  • @Kamdroid

    One more thing...

    when updating your camera dummy, don't just adjust its position, also update its velocity. This will get rid of the little lag that occurs where the engine has to accelerate your object after moving it to the new position, which seems to be a frame or two behind the positional change, always. Most noticeable in very high speed stuff. This has completely gotten rid of the lag.

    Or... use a Weld behaviour and make sure your dummy has absolutely no mass and no friction, and then move it relative to your object whenever you want by changing the anchor position.

    These are some of the quirks and foibles I've worked around within hyperPad cameras and dummy objects. I hope they help. It took me a couple of days to iron out all the kinks in the camera follow system I made... but for one... still got a little lerping fake that's got a bit of a jump in it that I don't like, but I'll leave that for later.

  • @Deeeds I’m aware of this, but the character is not followed by a camera.

    The player always need to have an X of 6, (the only thing that should be moving is the Y, for jumping),

    While obaticals spawn at X 36 (right edge of screen) and move to the left (towards player), and you tap to jump to avoid the obstical etc

  • @Kamdroid
    DOH. Don't know ....

  • @Kamdroid So your player is a physics object right? I don’t know how well it would work, but you could try running a 0 second timer with Set Velocity, leaving Y as current and X as 0. Haven’t tried it, it might not work. It would depend on the controls of the player and what the player is doing exactly.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Thanks, this works. I was thinking of doing this but got mixed up with apply force, and thought this wouldn’t work.

    I will use this for now, but I feel inefficient, as directly talking to the physics engines to do this would yield less of a performance impact.

  • @Kamdroid Nice! I guess with efficiency, I’d just wanna make sure that the FPS is always at 60.

  • By the way, this is the game I was talking about, which I just released now!

  • @Kamdroid WELL DONE!!!

  • @Deeeds Thank you. Do you get any stutter while playing?

  • @Kamdroid Haven't played it yet. I was congratulating you on getting finished. That's rare!

  • @Deeeds Oh, haha. I always get projects done if I’m happy with how the quality of the game and gameplay will be.

  • @Kamdroid Again, WELL DONE! I'll get to it soon. Promise. Sorry I haven't had a chance yet.... fighting with spawning and "relationships" in hyperPad's worlds without them.

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