• It's a simple game, best described as a unique platformer. I will create x levels, and then someone else will create x levels and so forth. No one is to edit anyone else's levels, except to fix bugs. 3-5 people (including myself), and each person will be required to create 10 or more levels in less than four months (not at the same time; that is impossible with Hyperpad, and way too hard to organize).

    Eventually, this will be published to the App Store. The profit will be split evenly between us, but it will be on my account.

    Communications will take place either through email or via texting; I have found that it is most convenient that way. This project will be structured into different worlds, each with separate graphics; it will be very abstract, with an absolutely crazy storyline. I have worked out a lot of the details, and I can send a very vague plan once you guys commit.

    How about it?

  • Also, I forgot to mention this, but everything is to be done by us. All the music, sounds, graphics, concepts... completely original.

  • @GameCRAZY Can you elaborate a bit? on the actual Game description/theme, best would be a 1 level mock-up graphic ... I would probably be more attracted by the game surprise elements or idea if you want. What would you fulfil and what part others would and so on ...

  • @GameCRAZY It’s going to be hard to get anyone to join you if all the information we get on the game is a “unique platformer”

  • Background:

    Mr. Kruk is an evil alien, one of the twenty Kruyukis from planet Mup and quite a genius. The Kruyukis each have thousands of identities in completely different worlds, one of these being Earth and the Milky Way galaxy. They are at the center of the universe and keep every world under strict rules. Everyone is oblivious to their completely constructed environments.

    Specifically on Earth each human sees colors in a completely different way. To some "long" music notes sound "short" and and "short" music notes sound "long". People each hear languages completely different and some see "balls" as "triangles" while others see them as "circles" and "squares". Some humans are born smarter, and with certain advantages. Others are made extremely clumsy, and they consistently fall. Some are even born with crazy diseases... Reality is messed up. The Kruyukis laugh at their ridiculous creations... There are many concepts embedded.


    Mr. Kruk trapped himself inside of one of his worst creations, a video game that tortures strange-looking creatures. This video game has wicked controls that always move around with the game and make the player rage. All of a sudden Mr. Kruk has no power. He blabs and creatures figure out what he did to them. They charge at him and come up with plans to kill him... But interfering with everything is the fact that he made everything, and he had had to make them... Some of them thought they owed him, and most were emotionally torn...

    Mr. Kruk travels through 10 worlds: a weird-ass alien forest with many enemies (Simbyiath), a world filled with explosives and deadly bananas (Waq), a world filled with portals and where you don't know what is fake and real (Grefsed), a world resembling the inside of a volcano and many enemies (Miaij), a world resembling the human digestive system (Digehew), a flat and never-ending world with surprisingly many traps involving falling and weird physics (Fyjiam), a world that looks like a scary haunted house except way worse (Triqwiah), a typical Swuy town (another alien world with weird tepees and an environment like Mars) where every tenth Swuyth is a cereal killer (Swyuyui), a world with patterns and number codes similar to the "escape the room" types of apps (Codew), and finally, a world full of doors and secret caves similar to a dungeon type of app - one of these doors leads back to his home (Final Task).

    Levels do not get harder and harder but are instead completely mixed up. Each level is completely unique and challenging. There are ten levels per world. You have to play each level in the order that they are presented, and everything is completely interactive with Mr. Kruk. You are playing as him in case that isn't clear yet.

    The game is not exactly a platformer because of the controls, but it is a side-scroller type of thing. There will be different settings available according to everyones' preferences. We will have to include credits and a way to give feedback. Additionally, there will be music for most of the presentations, but not for any of the cutscenes. There will be sound effects, but only when necessary.

    All graphics will be according to a color scheme.

    I'm looking to create an avant-garde and experimental types of game. It should be really fun to work on but at the same time serious. And we are looking to make money.

    Also, if it is not clear:

    This is how you play the game: you have to move the player using controls (arrows that move him in different directions). However, the controls also move and switch around either randomly or in different patterns. It is a unique twist on the classic grid platformer.

    But everything is vague, and nothing is set in stone!

  • @Kamdroid @CAnesia Hope this helps!

  • @GameCRAZY Could you show us an example of what a level could look like?

  • @Kamdroid I can send a picture in a few days, but I don't really have any graphics yet.

    I can explain though:

    I can imagine the character on a tile, three tiles above the exit portal (the left side of the screen). On the right side of the screen, I can imagine an arrow directly at the top, and another one directly at the bottom (pointing up and down). I also imagine the they might patrol slightly left and right, so as to introduce a second element to the game (making it more original).

    This would be an ideal "level 1", and the other levels would take this concept, and stretch it farther. However, each world will also have additional elements that are unique to that world. I explained those above.

    Stay tuned for a picture as soon as I am ready.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Link:

    Ideal would be 3 people. One to do graphics because mine suck, one to do like 1/2 the levels, and then me to do the other 1/2 of the levels, organize everything, and then add any additional code.

  • @GameCRAZY said in Collaboration:

    Ideal would be 3 people. One to do graphics because mine suck, one to do like 1/2 the levels, and then me to do the other 1/2 of the levels, organize everything, and then add any additional code.

    And I know that that is not what I said originally, but this is better... more efficient.

  • @GameCRAZY I think it would be fun to help build the game, but I just don’t think I’ll have the time.😕

    Edit: well, I could help irregularly, but I couldn’t commit to anything too far out. If you have some programming stuff I could do, I could try to do that sometimes.

  • @iTap-Development That would be cool, but what this project really needs is a graphics person... I can draw, but only simple stuff. Lol, not the complicated stuff I mentioned above.

    How often would you be able to work on it, for how long? Because I am planning on inputting 5 hours a week or so.

  • Speaking of which, I posted this on the hub, with 5 levels or so. 5 plays, 0 likes, 0 dislikes. :angry:

  • @GameCRAZY Lol I’ll go check it out. I’d have joined the collaboration, but honestly I don’t think I’d be a good collaboration member. I have lots of time at the moment because uni holidays, but I just don’t get stuff done (our last collaboration project died before anything real good started happening). You also probably already know I cannot do graphic making, mainly because I suck at it but also because I updated to iOS 11 which stopped support for the app I was using :P

  • @Aidan-Oxley Could you and I consider collating our considerable differences on documenting hyperPad?

  • @GameCRAZY I think there's ground to be made in just exploring what hyperPad CAN do. If that makes any sense. If not, let me know. I'll attempt to elaborate. Between drinks.

  • @GameCRAZY I couldn’t t do it regularly, and the time wouldn’t be that long.
    Maybe it won’t work then🤷‍♂️

  • @Deeeds What exactly do you mean? It's fun to explore Hyperpad, but I would rather work on actual projects.

  • @iTap-Development Aw, that sucks.

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