Making the "Disable Branching" feature free

  • Making the branching disable feature available to all. I dont want anyone seeing inside my projects, and I dont want to pay for pro just because of this.

  • Admin

    The biggest reason for games to be branchable, is we're trying to build a community of users who learn from each other. This is pretty typically in the software and game development world (the term is Open Source).

    If you're Working on something for the App Store you have the option of making it closed source. If you just want to make your project closed source with no intention of going in the App Store, well you still need to a "Developer" tier.

    It's unlikely for us to change this part of the hub, since we really want to build an open and sharing community.

  • I agree with Murtaza. And, by the way, branch option lets to play the game offline :-D

  • @Murtaza yes but maybe you can add an option to stop people from posting them as theirs or maybe have to ask the original creator if they can post it.

  • Admin

    Doing that really changes the dynamic and purpose of branching. The original creator gets credit in the hub page as it is. It says "Branched from ______" and links back to the original game.

  • @Murtaza i get that bit what of someone really does want their project to be branched but not posted

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