Bluetooth Device Support (For In-Game functionality)

  • I think it would make platform games much easier and give the player a more retro feeling?
    I was going to originally say BlueTooth support for both Mouse/Keyboard and controllers, but Mouse/Keyboard would take too long to map and create code for, and controllers are great for modern games on mobile devices.

  • Admin

    There's not enough demand for this.
    Apple introduced some bluetooth controller stuff, but it never really took off. And it's just sort of there now, but not really used.

    When we start adding export options for other platforms we'll definitely be adding other controller inputs. But I don't think they'd work on iOS.

  • It would be awesome for 3DS or Switch style same room multiplayer, but I agree it’s resources better used elsewhere at this time.

  • @Thecheater887 Tim Cook single handedly destroyed the relevance of controllers and Apple when he insisted the first generation of Apple TV with apps/games must have ALL games be playable with just the Siri Remote. The moment this was announced, every game developer working on Apple TV games simply dropped their projects. And the Apple TV is what it is today (ignored) because of this insanity.

    He backtracked (quietly) a year later. But, much like Microsoft and their disasters with the Xbox-Plus-AlwaysOn-Surveillance ... As A Feature , the damage was done.

    The Nintendo Switch seals the Apple TVs fate as an also ran. It solves the problem of lounge-to-road gaming in ways Apple could have done with an Apple TV and iPhone/iPad. But didn't.

    Not the first time Apple has misunderstood gaming, gamers and game developers. Deliberately.

    Won't be the last.

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