Runtime Debugger

  • I'm always using message boxes and speech bubbles to tell me values of things when I'm debugging something that isn't working.

    It would be much more convenient to have a runtime debugger that could do this for me, and be able to set a breakpoint at a certain behaviour where this runtime debugger could show me in-use values and other relevant information.

    TL;DR : It will be really useful to have a runtime debugger and set breakpoints to debug things.

    A good example of this would be the Visual Studio debugger.

  • @kamdroid


    There are some good examples of visual coding debuggers:

    Probably the most powerful and wonderful of all: WARNING: desirable and dead:

    and, going the same way, but also brilliant:

    If this animated gif runs here, it'll be a muse:

  • Admin

    We actually discussed this topic quite a bit internally.
    And it's definitely something we want to add.

    I wanted a temporary solution where a console would be displayed showing the behaviours that are running. At least until something more visual could be done.
    But ultimately we ended up not adding it, instead focused on adding some other missing functions to the behaviours (like arrays, attributes, tags etc.)

    I'll bring it up again once hyperPad is at a stable point again.

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