New Functionality: Debug Console

  • I know this is an age old declined request, but if I keep shooting at it, maybe it’ll actually speak to me.

    In the Debug Menu, add a button you can press that pulls up a Debug Console. The Debug Console would have all behaviors executed, their names, and the data (plus parent) listed in whit or neon text. There should be a search bar where the search narrows down what’s shown to only lines that contain the search (“in” would pull “find” out of “help”, “find”, and “Bug”).

    That is all.

  • Admin

    Never been declined. It's just bigger than something we can throw throw together in a few days.

  • Fair enough.

  • @thecheater887 Debug console would be cool. Until then though, I'll keep making my own debugging 😛. Definitely seen this requested quite a few times.

  • Yea, I requested this feature quite a bit ago.

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