HyperPad crashes upon opening a large project

  • I've been working on "Survival Blitz" quite a while, and now once I open it to edit it, HyperPad instantly blacks out and closes. Opening a different project doesn't have this effect..

    Once I opened the project, there was a white box object that I've never placed....

    For now, I'm just going to start an another project very similiar to this game...

  • Uninstall HyperPad and reinstall it. But make a backup of your projects first.

  • Not sure how that works..

    But if I need to, I will.

  • Admin

    Can you send the project to contact@hyperpad.com with details of the issue?

  • I reopened the project just now...

    But the crashes stopped, it wasn't consistent.
    I was glad the project works, though confused of why it only occurred that other day... 🤔

    Today, I cleared up lots of space in storage. I'm assuming HyperPad needs some extra storage space to function? It could be a bug, but it can also be just a simple storage problem that I just got confused over.

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