hyperPad update broke my game :(

  • I just played my Krab game after updating hyperPad, but it messed up my pivots and some other physics stuff.
    The game isn't that complicated really, and I could just go in and fix the issues. But I don't want to keep fixing my projects after each update just to make them playable on the hub.

    Now I don't know if this would be possible or not but what if each project had its own player, independent from the current version of the player. So that instead of upgrading the project, all the behaviors are kept the same and run using the player that it was originally made with. That way we won't need to fix our projects and the devs wouldn't have to worry about breaking existing projects.

  • Did you join the BETA? AFAIK an update hasn’t been released in the last 48 hours.

  • Admin

    When we update hyperPad try we make sure that all existing projects continue to work for the most part.
    Unless there is a bug that your game is "using", then in that case it may require a small tweak. I think it the last update 1.20 we did some changes on how change graphic works and some stuff with the collision shape. But I don't think this should have broken any thing. But can you be more specific on what's broken? Maybe it's a new bug, or if it is in fact something that was changed can help you sort it out.

    We can't exactly include an "older" player with each version because this will cause unnecessary bloat.

  • @shady91 There was a specific bug/fault with the manner in which physics pivots/origins responded to changing graphics sizes, incorrectly. Or, far less than optimal, if you'd gotten used to it.

    Correcting this was/is/did break things in previous projects. The pay off, in this case, is that you can now change graphics as much as you like, and their sizes, and get consistent, predictable, non peculiar results.

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