Latest Update destroyed my play sound behaviors!!!!!!!!

  • @hamed as for the collision points, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just look at these please:
    2_1544110185192_4965CCCC-594F-4789-9742-7931C56B88BB.png 1_1544110185192_63B5C9A0-F5A0-43A2-BB8D-D118CD1C7FA0.png 0_1544110185192_5D26301F-736C-46AB-9F96-8B44DAF12930.png

    This happens when I am editing the collision points of an object (see pic 3) that is not originally facing the way it should be like this vine above. This vine originally has its tail facing right. I simply "flipped" it over the x axis to face left (see pic 1). Once I edit its collision points, the ghost of its edited collision points appear ahead of it (see pic 2). The only work around I have for this as suggested by @Aidan-Oxley which works as a hit or miss, is to first flip it on its original side, edit its collision points, then flip it back to the way I intended it. Not a fine solution though for an intuitive app such as hyperpad.

  • @Aries29

    You could just flip the image in Photoshop and then put it back in Hyperpad.

    If you don't have Photoshop you can flip the image in the Pages app.

  • @davio thanks for the suggestion. But I need an "in-app" solution for this since it should not be a problem in the first place. You flip, change collision points, then it should work.

  • @aries29 I've had this bug as well for quite a while. The easiest workaround is to manually flip it in a separate app and import it as a new image. But you're right, it would be nice if there was an in app solution.

    I noticed it does work after the first time you flip it, but you cannot go back and re look at the collision points or else they shift to the right (if you open and close the collision points they move farther and farther away from the image)

  • @hamed I just tried that on beta 1.230 iPad Air latest iOS. 5 was quiet, 20 was louder, 100 was not loude (and if it was, only by an extremely small amount). Recorded and sent video to Facebook messenger.

  • @davio it's what I am doing at the moment too. But it is a bug. Make no mistake about it and hence here I am calling it to be fixed. Not to be tolerated. I'd like to hear your suggestion instead on the disappearing play music and play sound behaviors when an overlay is loaded up and closed. The sounds from the scene say shooting sounds no longer return once the overlay is closed. What do you do about that?

  • Admin

    @Aidan-Oxley Sorry, I made another change that broke your guy's scale again. It should be fixed now. scale is between 0 and 1500 for play sound.

    it used to work before. A simple scenario. Your character is walking in a level. Stumbles on a treasure. You collided with it or touched it as player. Overlay pops up with its own sound or music telling you what it is. Then you close the overlay. By then you should be able to hear your own music and play sounds "back" from that same scene underneath that overlay right? How come you're saying you never allowed that when in ver. 1.190 it works "normally?" And it should work that way logically right? Any music or play sound behavior should resume working after a pop-up overlay is closed. What for is the resume all toggle in your close overlay behavior if not for that?

    This scenario is working for me. Can you create a small sample project for me to test this scenario?

  • @hamed I already sent this via contact@hyperpad email but just the same, here's the link. What I hope is that you can "return" hyperpad to its old working version where an overlay "pauses" everything in the background scene including play music and play sound behaviors as it plays its "own" play music behavior then once closed, "resumes” everything "including" the play sound and play music behaviors of the scene behind it.

  • iPad Model: iPad Pro 10.5
    iOS version: 12.1
    hyperPad Version: latest beta (Dec 3)
    Description: the sound still stutters like crazy!!!
    Steps to reproduce: just repeat playing a scene with multiple play sounds and play music behavior and you’ll end up producing something like the video I attached below.
    Additional info: nothing


  • Admin

    We believe the issue has been found. We'll be submitting a new beta tomorrow (would do it today, but the apple submission portal is closed for the holidays)

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